Yalla Motek is a Mediterranean Street Food counter concept born from its parent restaurant, Motek. Transporting you the bustling ancient streets of the Middle East, here you can find authentic shawarma, bowls, sandwiches, and salads, all in the convenience of time.

Yalla, vamos, let’s go! Yalla, which means ‘vamos’ in Spanish or ‘come on, hurry up’ in English, is just another way of saying “we are the express and fast version of our parent restaurant, Motek”.

YALLA Motek is proudly kosher certified, adhering to the highest standards of Jewish dietary laws. YALLA is a dairy-free establishment, ensuring that all our dishes are lactose-free and suitable for those who follow kosher guidelines.

Yalla Motek is Kosher certified under Kosher Culture Certification. The Rav HaMachshir is Rabbi Ariel Tal, formerly a community Rabbi in Wellington, New Zealand, and who runs Kosher Kiwi Certification in Wellington. 

Yalla Motek is Kosher with a mashgiach temidi that operates with a combination of cameras and in-person hashgacha daily, where the mashgiach lights the fire and is constantly supervising the operations of Yalla Motek.

Yalla Motek must remain open on Shabbat due to the Aventura Mall rules, and therefore Kosher Culture has approved the partnership with a non-Jewish business partner, who takes ownership over the business and equipment on Shabbat (From Friday night until Sunday morning).

Therefore, the Hashgacha is from Sunday morning to Friday before sundown only and not on Shabbat or Motzei Shabat. This is a Halachically permissible arrangement when necessary. 

The meat is all Glatt Kosher, and the arrangement with the non-Jewish partner was arranged in order for Yalla Motek to offer Kosher food and not “Kosher-style” food, since many of its customers are Jewish.

Please direct any further questions to

Rabbi Ariel Tal





Coral Gables


Miami Beach


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