Where to Find the Best Burgers in Miami

The burgers that need to be devoured asap

What makes the perfect burger, and what goes with it? There are as many variations of America’s comfort food staple as there are people who enjoy eating them.

For some, it’s the juicy patty; for others, the right bun and sauce seal the deal. Toppings add texture and depth, locking in all the goodness that makes the burger a go-to meal any time of day. Miami has plenty of headliners, from Cuban fritas to sweet and savory creations. 


The Arayes burger is this restaurant’s Mediterranean take on America’s all-time favorite. Twice awarded the coveted People’s Choice Award at South Beach Wine and Food’s Burger Bash, it features a beef kufta kebab dressed with tahini and harissa aioli, all tucked inside a warm pita.


Coral Gables Location

(305) 396-8547


by Eater Staff 

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