MOTEK Opens at Brickell City Center

Mixologist Randy Perez
Mixologist Randy Perez

MOTEK, the highly regarded Israeli-Mediterranean bistro renowned for its culinary excellence, is poised to revolutionize its beverage program with the appointment of esteemed mixologist Randy Perez as its new Beverage Director. As MOTEK prepares to introduce its newest location at Brickell City Centre on November 1st, patrons can expect an innovative and refreshing approach to libations that perfectly complement the restaurant’s acclaimed cuisine.

Randy Perez’s ascent from humble beginnings as a bar back to his current role as Beverage Director is a testament to his dedication and talent. Having played a pivotal role in the success of the renowned Broken Shaker, Perez’s expertise extends far beyond the confines of a traditional mixologist. As a co-founder of Bar Lab Consulting and Magic City Garnish, he has consistently demonstrated unrivaled creativity and an unwavering dedication to his craft.

During his time at Broken Shaker, Perez’s contributions helped earn the establishment two James Beard Award nominations, firmly cementing its status as one of Miami’s premier cocktail destinations. In 2014, he made history by being named the first-ever winner of SVEDKA Shakedown, a prestigious bartending competition. A year later, Perez was recognized as EATER Miami’s Bartender of the Year, a distinction that further solidified his reputation as a key figure within Miami’s vibrant mixology scene.

Alongside these accomplishments, Randy Perez led Broken Shaker to victory at SOBEWFF’s Art of the Tiki events in both 2015 and 2016, showcasing his flair for creating unique and memorable cocktails. With his proven track record of success, Perez is determined to elevate MOTEK’s beverage program to unprecedented heights.

As Beverage Director, Perez plans to infuse MOTEK’s drink menu with his signature style, introducing guests to a tantalizing array of flavors and innovative concoctions. Drawing inspiration from Mediterranean and Israeli influences, he aims to craft libations that perfectly complement the bistro’s exceptional cuisine. Whether it’s a perfectly balanced cocktail or a thoughtfully curated wine list, guests can anticipate an unforgettable drinking experience that matches the caliber of MOTEK’s culinary offerings.

The grand opening of MOTEK Brickell City Centre on November 1st at West Block, 701 S Miami Ave 412A 4th Floor, Miami, FL 33131, will mark the debut of the new beverage program, inviting guests to embark on a sensory journey that combines exceptional food and drink in a stunning atmosphere. With Randy Perez at the helm of the beverage program, MOTEK is set to redefine the boundaries of Mediterranean dining in Miami and leave an indelible mark on the city’s vibrant culinary landscape.

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