Best Burgers In Miami

Trendy food comes and goes but there’s always that one meal that will never go out of style, a nice juicy burger. Just like gas stations and grocery stores it is always good to know one top notch joint near you to sit down and eat a mouthwatering burger. That’s why we’ve rounded up a list of the best burger spots in Miami.

Whether you’re searching for something simple or maybe something with a modern flair on a classic sandwich, we’ve got you covered on all the best spots to indulge in a delicious burger.



When it comes to making craft burgers from scratch with quality ingredients everyday, La Birra Bar knows what they’re doing. With over 20 years of burger making experience, the La Birra Bar staff is dedicated to love, passion and are wholeheartedly obsessed with what they do. At La Birra Bar quality is not a question. From hand kneading their buns in the kitchen to grinding meat with perfect balance, they have mastered the art of creating the perfect burger. Be sure to try their South Florida Wine and Food Festival People’s Choice award winner, Golden Burger. With two 4 oz. beef patties and their secret mayo sauce, this delectable sandwich is sure to make your heart happy and your stomach full.



When your cheeseburger was created by the right hand man of Michelin star chefs, you know you’re in for a treat. ViceBurger Founder, Chef Greg Schesser used his years of experience and extensive training across New York, California and France to bring back a certain level of quality to the classic American cheeseburger. ViceBurger only uses fresh ingredients incuding hand sliced pickles, razor-thin onions, and their secret Vice sauce which is made daily. As a winner of the Very Best Burger Award at this year’s SOBEWFF, their Vice Burger is a must try and simply speaks for itself.



While this kosher-style Israeli Mediterranean restaurant has many top notch Middle Eastern dishes, their Lebanese Burger is surely one of the best. With a strong belief on the importance of freshness, Motek Cafe sources only the highest quality grade “A” 100% Glatt kosher meat in all of their chicken, beef and lamb dishes. Their unique and award winning Arayes Burger features their kosher and grass-fed Lebanese beef stuffed into a perfectly crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside pita. While it may not be the traditional American-style burger, it is sure to rock your taste buds and keep you coming back for more.



This chef driven steakhouse not only offers an innovative menu in a high energy environment, but also a delicious and highly quality burger. Prime 112 stays true to their philosophy of supplying the best ingredients to their clientele at a traditional fare. Made from the highest quality grade kobe beef, this one pound burger is nothing short of stellar. Pair it with their delicious crispy white truffle french fries to experience the traditional burger and fries meal at a non-traditional gourmet level.



Located in the historic MIMO district, this 70’s style inspired restaurant is the one stop shop to get your favorite comfort foods bumped up a notch. What food is more comforting than a burger? Blue Collar features a delectable Dry Aged Cheeseburger made with a high quality New York strip steak and a tender brisket. Served with American cheese on a semi-sweet Portuguese muffin with your choice of a soup or salad, this meal makes for the perfect subtle combination of sweet and savory.



A Wynwood favorite, KUSH By Lokals limited selection food menu demonstrates their principle that quality, not quantity, is what people truly crave. At KUSH, everything is made from scratch with ingredients always sourced from local Florida farms. Be sure to try their Frita Kush Burger, which as been voted one of the top 52 burgers in the US. This beauty is topped with sweet guava jelly, potato stix, bacon, swiss cheese and their secret Lokal sauce. With beef delivered from a Fort McCoy farm every week that is hand grinded in-house, KUSH By Lokal has the skilled team and best ingredients to make the perfect burger.



With Ariete’s ever evolving menu that follows the seasons as well as the chef’s inspirations of the moment, there is one thing that always stays and that’s the Chug Burger. With only a dozen Chug Burgers available every night, this item isn’t actually printed on the menu, but you’ll definitely want to get your hands on it before their limited quantity runs out. The Chug Burger is not available for to-go orders, because they believe in the integrity of their fresh ingredients, the team wants diners to enjoy the quality and freshness of their burger at the restaurant. While this burger may be exclusive, it is an absolute must. Get on it, because when they run out, they mean it!



Built off bringing an elevated twist to American classics, Mimi’s has truly mastered its burger. The decadent 6 oz. patty is topped with American cheese, sherry caramelized onions and smoked pickle mayo, giving it the ultimate juicy taste. With the cheese and caramalizing onions oozing out of this burger, it truly gets better with every bite!

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