Plates served with Hummus, Pita & Mixed Greens.

crispy chicken schnitzel

crispy chicken schnitzel, served with harissa aioli and lemon

chicken shawarma

chicken thighs, pita with amba aioli, chopped parsley, pickled onion, in a plate


falafel, hummus, served with mixed greens amba sauce, and pita

sabich eggplant & egg

eggplant, egg, amba aioli and pickles, in a plate

kale falafel

kale falafel with hummus as a plate

moroccan fish

Faroe Island salmon, harissa spiced tomato sauce, kalamata olives, green pepper, chickpeas, served with challah

kufta kebab

beef kebab (kosher grass-fed beef) marinated with fresh herbs and spices on a skewer. served with matboucha, majadra lentil rice, long green hot pepper, roasted tomato.

baby lamb chops

three lamb chops served with hummus masabacha, long hot pepper,
roasted tomato

Now Open!

We are so grateful to share with you the joy in opening our 3rd location, YALLA!
Yalla is the express, counter-service version of our restaurant Motek. Located in the Treats Food Hall at Aventura Mall, Yalla is now officially open!

Follow @yallamotek for more information!
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