Best Breakfast of Miami

36 NE First St., Miami, 33132 MAP 786-953-7689  

Best Restaurant (Aventura)

When most of us think of malls, we think of grabbing an Auntie Anne’s to stave off hunger pangs before shoe shopping. But Aventura Mall is home to a plethora of delicious, locally based restaurants. One of the most delightful of those is Motek Café, where you can enjoy brunch all day. The menu is […]

Motek Cafe – Aventura

 Time Out saysYou know a place is good when it becomes most people’s defacto answer for questions like “who makes the best burger? and “where can I find really good hummus?” Motek is the spot, an unassuming Israeli café with a very large following—so big, in fact, it’s expanded from a tiny sliver between jewelry stores in […]